Monday, 28 May 2012

Ok people, here is a video showing walking directions to our new location from Shinsegae (actually starting on the opposite side of the main street):

Video directions to Sunny Hair via shaky hand


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  3. If walking directions could be posted from Shinsegae that would be really helpful.

  4. Would there happen to be a direct link to the video? It won't open for some reason.

    By direct I mean not through Facebook, but through You Tube or something. The video link seems to be bypassing to Facebook and that is where the problem seems to be happening.

  5. Hi Jessica, i hope you got my other messages- sorry for the delay. I am in the process right now of uploading the video to YouTube- in the meantime, did you see this earlier post? (below)

    Map for Sunny Hair!

    it's a bit out of date because it still shows the place as "PPeong Gu" - a hof and soju bar that was the previous tenant (we'll try and get Daum to update their info)

    you can click on this link and navigate around to see how to get there from shinsegae too. When the video is fully uploaded, i'll post a link.